Meet Our Beers



Thames River Red


A deep, rusty amber with a sweet, nutty nose. This beer possesses a gorgeous scarlet malt body with the ghost of bitterness on the finish. Each glass is a walk through an evergreen forest after a summer rain.

Effed Up on Pilz

A light, crisp, refreshing, mildly sweet, and superbly balanced testament to why the combination of Pilsener malts and Hallertau hops are a classic combination. 

Little Barbarian 


Hide your loved ones and bolster your defenses, Little Barbarian DIPA is on the attack. Aggressively hopped with the Warrior strain, this is a heavily-malted battle ax to the palate. 

Kaiser Willy 


Refined and dignified like the first Wilhelm; bombastic and bold like the second, this imperial oatmeal stout shocks with bitter chocolate espresso notes forthwith then pleases with a sharp, boozy finish. The hops are revealed toward the end like a gloved slap: just enough to get the point across without overshadowing sweet Maillard roastiness.

Gen Pop

Gen Pop is a DIPA for the masses. Single-hopped with Mosaic and steeped on lupulin powder, this hazy New England style ale shines with aromatic tropical fruit notes and a grassy citrus nose. Subtle earthiness reminiscent of tea and a round, pleasant bitterness balance the brew. Like the sun peeking through summer clouds, Gen Pop will satisfy without overwhelming and leave you hoping for more.

Jeanne’s Dream 


Our Ode to Jeanne, Rebecca’s late grandmother, who had a particular fondness for this fruit. We’ve produced a juicy and mildly sweet wheat beer with an organic aroma of apricot and the hint of carrot and tart pit fruit. This beer is a picnic in the shade of an orchard – and a dream come true.


NarWitch is our fall-winter seasonal, imperial, atypical pumpkin beer.  With a dash of spice, 37 lbs of pumpkin in the mash, and yet more added during fermentation, this heavy 9-percenter celebrates the fruit with autumnal flair. Contains NO synthetics.

White Anniversary Ale


This Belgian-style wheat beer follows the same recipe Rebecca brewed at home for her wedding. Coriander and orange peel vitalize the ale with herbal, lightly spiced aromas. 

Prom Night

Prom Night is big flavor in a light style. A cream ale, this brew gets a full and “creamy” mouthfeel from the flaked maize that goes into the mash. Notes of sweet corn emit from its overall malty character and ride the light carbonation. 



A fun and zesty wheat beer with a subtle, tart fruitiness that comes from over 50 lbs of crushed blueberries added during fermentation. The mild sweetness of this beer, coupled with a hearty grained body, makes it ideal for summer and early fall. It’s cool yet substantial; light but recognizably festive.

Beautiful Stranger


Blacker than midnight, sophisticated, and elegant, this beer lures you in with bitter coffee on the nose and dark roast aromatics. She is enigmatic yet familiar, and she draws you in a botanical and smoky hop embrace.

Hop Sense 


Our pale ale with lemon rind on the nose and a subtle, forthcoming bitterness. One finds refreshing notes of sunflower and lemongrass throughout. Hop Sense is a wildflower breeze that flows over a field of yellow star grass.

Against the Grain IPA


A straightforward departure for us, ATG lofts a whisper of lemon zest on the nose, which surrenders to a luscious, piney bitterness that hugs the palate. Tantalizing and playful, this beer dances on the tongue, wreathed in soft malt ribbons.