About Us

About the Business
These Guys Brewing stems from a passion and love of Great Beer! Combining a hunger for beer infused food with a foodie flare, the creative force behind These Guys was born. Our mission is to create unique and delicious brews with an emphasis on complex malt flavors and balance that come together with an ever-evolving seasonal menu in order to make a dining experience that is greater than the sum of its parts.
We hope you all take the time to stop by and check us out. Cheers!


About the Building

We looked tirelessly for a location that could house our brewing and culinary needs. When our space was found we underwent a transformation to modify the historic building to accommodate our equipment. During the remodel we discovered the historic and famous “Billy Wilson’s” bar was in sad repair. We then decided to renovate the space and have a new bar built changing the layout to make a for better flow in the bar area.
76-78 Franklin St in downtown Norwich has been a continuous saloon since its construction in 1883. We revel in the fact that even during prohibition the building was a rumored speak easy and location for bootleggers to stop, which now houses our legal brewing equipment to manufacture beer. Originally the front “Saloon” was separate from the back building known as “The Stables” which housed grain in the past. The two original buildings are connected by a glass, wood and brick enclosure trying to maintain the historic character of the buildings. Below are some before and after pictures, we hope you enjoy!